Experience the delight of DST Fragrances, a small, family-run business located in Denver Colorado. Founded by Melanie in 2007 during her graduate studies, what began as a pastime developed into a profession.

Hand-crafted and sealed immediately after order, each product is filled with a powerful scent, and crafted with the utmost quality, cosmetic-grade ingredients. Before they make it to you, they're tested on friends, family, and never animals. Customer feedback fine-tunes each product, and all are made with paraben-free preservatives.

From the mundane to the extraordinary, DST Fragrances allows you to experience unrivaled luxury that stands the test of time. Whether you’re choosing a timeless classic or a unique present, you can trust that all products are crafted with sophistication and superior quality. Every item is handled with care, ensuring a truly luxurious experience.

Please contact me at support@dstfragrances.com for more details.